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from texas to florida. >> 90s from florida and boston and the plains. 80s from detroit and billings, warming up to the 70s in seattle. >>> coming up next, the airlines are asking you to dig a little deeper. >>> plus, some actual good news about the nation's housing market. business news is next. >>> also, those olympic uniforms that we told you so much about. a new deal clearing the way for them to be made in america. @ññ?? >>> welcome back, everybody. there is a new sign at the housing market has turned the corner. nationwide home values have posted their first annual increase since 2007, showing a slight gain from june 2011 and last month. home values appeared to have bottomed out back in february. >>> if you're flying this summer and haven't booked your ticket, get ready to pay more. big domestic carriers are hiking fares as much as $10 a round trip. united made the first move and, of course, the others quickly followed. on the flip side, fall airfare sales are starting to move. of course, you have to pay for baggage. >>> and speaking of false sales, back to school is back in f
>>> good morning, america. extreme weather and a flash flood emergency from texas to north carolina, this morning. two dozen high-water rescues in the raging waters of san antonio. this woman jumped from her car into the deep water on the interstate. and much more rain on the way. >>> also breaking overnight, 28 climbers caught in the path of a deadly avalanche in the alps. at least nine injured, five dead, and the rest missing. a frantic search and rescue right now on the growing disaster in the mountains. >>> wicked knockout. kristin chenoweth, knocked out by scaffolding and suffering a seizure on the set of her show. she was rushed to the hospital. we'll have the latest on her condition. >>> and watch out. >> it's a shark. >> it's a shark! >> a family vacation turns wild when a little fishing off the deck reels in the shock of a lifetime. yep. that's a big, old shark. in the most unexpected place. we'll talk live to all about their jaw-dropping tale. >> my favorite shot. >> that is so great. everyone here today. i'm sorry, i didn't get the wardrobe memo. you're all bright. and gr
of a gruesome truck crash in south texas has died. police now think the accident was caused by a tire that separated. 15 people have passed away and 8 are still in this hospital after sunday's crash. all 23 people packed into the truck are believed to be illegal immigrants who had just crossed into texas. >>> and the los angeles city is cracking down on medical marijuana shops. voting to ban hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries across the city. some neighbors who lived near pot shops have complained. if the mayor approves this crackdown, patients and caregivers will still be allowed to grow their own. >>> and return to the olympics, the opening ceremony is set for friday but the games start today believe it or not. six women's soccer games on the docket. >> good to know. the usa takes the field against france at noon eastern. the match is taking place not in london but glasgow scotland. good luck to the ladies of the u.s. of a. >> here we go, olympics time. in the meantime we have highlights from last night's baseball action. it was a little rough out there. all of the highlight
people have died after their pickup truck slammed into two trees in texas. 22 people, including children, were packed into that truck that was equipped with an extended cab. they may have just crossed the border from mexico. >>> and our other big story this morning, penn state about to get slapped with penalties for turning a blind eye to child sex abuse allegations. >> the ncaa will announce the punishment this morning, a day after the university removed a statue of its legendary head football coach. more now from abc's tahman bradl bradley. >> reporter: joe paterno's iconic statue at penn state is gone. hauled away in shame yesterday behind a plastic blue tarp. many said it had to go. that a shrine to the legendary football coach was no longer appropriate. >> to a lot of people, it symbolizes the wrong things. >> reporter: the university ordered it removed after a report found that joe paterno should have done more after it was report that his defensive coach, jerry sandusky, was abusing young boys. >> it should not have come down. >> reporter: the university said it would have been a
without electricity for millions. >>> stranded. the cross-country flight forced to touch down in texas. passengers stuck in an airport for nearly a day. >>> and stowaways. imagine finding these guys in your car. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with holiday security on this morning before we mark the nation's birthday. >> intelligence officials tell us that no specific threat has been identified ahead of the july 4th holiday. but they say there's continuing concern about plots involving al qaeda's affiliate in yemen. that means anyone attending a big independence day celebration is likely to see stepped-up security, particularly in new york, philadelphia and washington. >>> also this morning, iran's powerful revolutionary guard is conducting major military exercises. it launched several missiles this morning, including long-range ones, capable of hitting u.s. ships in the persian gulf. these war games coincide with the start of an oil embargo by the european union. the u.s. is quietly increasing its forces in the region. >>> july f
. >>> there was a whole lot of monkey business in a texas courtroom yesterday. the woman showed up with her two monkeys at a hearing to prove that they actually belong to her. the cute pint-sized primates dressed in polka-dots for their day. >> another woman claimed ownership of the monkeys. she didn't show up. daisy and kiko returned home with their owner. what is she pushing them in? >> stroller/cage thing. cute little fellows. again they're not, you know, debate whether you should have pets like that. we'll continue that. 21 states ban keeping primates as the pets. not texas. kiko and daisy are fine. [ monkey sounds ] >>> coming up, how some olympic athletes were born to win. >> what was the sound effect again? [ monkey sounds ] >>> and the feud dividing michael jackson's family and what the courts have to say about it. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ got to be starting something ♪ you want to be starting something you got to be starting something ♪ is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kil
custody of a monkey. in texas. the primate in question made a court appearance. john muller is on the case. >> reporter: strange noises and an air on monkey business fill a courtroom. a custody battle with a texas-sized twist. the kind of courtroom surprise reserved for a hollywood farce. it's over kiko. donning a polka dot dress, the monkey in the middle of a custody battle between debbie burg and a mississippi woman who wasn't in court who claims the monkey was hers before it was repossessed. zw devastating. it would be hard on kiko, too. imagine taking a 6-year-old child and putting it into a home it doesn't know. >> reporter: burg said she bought kiko as a kon companion for her other monkey. with both in court, it was a cage full of monkeys. the texas judge and lawyer taking the monkeying around in stride. >> i wouldn't want to turn them loose this the courtroom. but it was kind of a delight to have them here. >> it's a good break from the normal lawsuits. >> reporter: as she strolled out of court, kiko seems pleased with the justice. the judge dwranted a stay so that the amongky can s
in the ninth a little bit there but you have to go out and try to 'split the series tomorrow. >> a's in texas. malone on the mound. struck out the side in the first. six strikeouts in five innings. chris carter called up from the minors yesterday where he hit a home run. does the same today. solo shot just clears the wall. adrian beltre ties it up with someone wing of the bat. a 1-1-ball game. instance -- kinsler, bloop singer. a run scores. josh hamilton, five-run fifth. rangers win 7-2. texas the first team to reach 50 wins this season. >> let's switch gears, tennis, cycling and golf, tiger woods had quite a round after the storm of the center back east. stick >> the first saturday at wimbledon, always a great day. for the american men, roddick and query both gone and fish moves on. serene lost their first set. wasn't moving that well. came back in the second, hitting one of their 23 a's. first set tiebreaker. now tied at second. he the return is wide. serena was pumped up. tour de france begins today in bill jump. fabian cancellara won in 7:13 and will open tomorrow stage one in the yellow
in particular hard-hit with hail and floods. the weather proved fatal for two men from texas. here's more. >> reporter: the swift thunderstorms surprised the players and onlookers. they took refuge under a tree. that proved to be a fatal mistake. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off and i looked to my left. and i could see the lightning strike hit the top of the tree, go all the way down into this person on the ground. >> reporter: the lightning bold struck three people. >> one of them, he was breathing, then two of them stopped breathing. one they got to. they got him alive. >> reporter: one man died instantly, another died at the hospital, and a third person is in stable condition. sudden thunderstorms also wreaked havoc in other parts of the country. racing waters stunned drivers in washington state and brought traffic to a crawl. in arizona, a street vanished under the rushing water, and with mud rushing down the street, drivers got caught in the middle of it. and there's more severe weather on the horizon. a new heat wave is hitting the country, making already-severe drought co
battle over the custody of a monkey. this is for real. in bianna golodryga's home state of texas. the primate in question made a court appearance. john muller is on the case. >> reporter: strange noises and an air of monkey business fill a texas courtroom. a custody battle with a texas-sized twist. the kind of courtroom surprise reserved for a hollywood farce. the battle for custody is over a monkey. a 6-year-old monkey named kiko. donning a stylish white polka-dot dress, kiko is the monkey in the middle of a custody battle between debbie berg and a mississippi woman who didn't appear in court, but claims the funky monkey was originally hers before she was repossessed. with a monkey on her back, debbie can't imagine losing kiko. >> devastating. it would be hard on kiko, too. imagine taking a 6-year-old child and putting it into a home it doesn't know. >> reporter: berg said she bought kiko as a companion for her other monkey, daisy, a year before the mississippi woman's monkey was even born. with daisy and kiko both in court, it was a barrel full of -- or at least a cage full of
now" -- lack of sleep. that's what experts say caused a pilot's meltdown over texas mid flight. >>> why this raises new questions about flight crew fatigue and everyone's safety in the skies. it is wednesday, july 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good wednesday morning, i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> and i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. and people are asking did a lack of sleep really make that pilot lose it in the middle of the flight? we all remember this story, he really did kind of have an episode. now saying it is sleep deprivation what led to it. >> it's possible. >> possible -- very interesting story. there is some doubt there as well. >>> also this morning, cities in crisis. coast to coast, the drastic steps in cities that have simply run out of money. talk about a sign of the times. entire cities declaring bankruptcy. shows you how tough it is out there for various parts of the country. east to west coast. >>> and coming up, face to face with a giant alligator. we hear from a teenager who survived an attack bu
are following the story and bring you an update coming up. >>> deadly crash on texas road claim the lives of more thank a dozen people. >>> happening right now the ncaa has just announced sanctions against penn state in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. you are looking at a live picture from that news conference. we now know what the punishment will be. the sanctions include, a 60 million dollar fine. also, a reduction in scholarships, specifically penn state has to reduce 10 and 20 total scholarships each year for four years. and the university's wins from the 1998 through 2011 seasons will be vacated. that means joe paterno will no longer be the leader in wins. also penn state will be banned from bowl games for four years, all because of the sex abuse scandal involving former football coach jerry sandusky. >>> 6:15 in southeastern texas investigators looking into a vehicle accident that killed 12 and injured 10. the texas highway patrol says 22 people were in this ford truck when it went off the road and hit two large trees no sign alcohol was involved. authorities believe a tire blew
, -- here the set up high pressure over the -- over the panhandle of texas routing warmer weather especially inland mild as you he to the coast, 60s this mid 70s to low 80s around the bay and low to upper 90s inland. we could see a few areas reach 100 wednesday and thursday in brentwood and antioch and maybe livermore most of our neighborhoods in the 90s, lower to middle 90s inland. mid 60s at the coast temperatures drop about four to ten degrees by the weekend. >>> good morning. chp on scene in oakland by the coliseum 880 southbound at 98th accident three left lanes you can see by the road sensors traffic is very slow approaching the coliseum from before 66th now. elsewhere that accident 205 in tracy, two left lanes remain blocked hope to have that big rig cleared out before mountain house and before 7:00 this morning i should say traffic flowing well past that seen into the dublin area off the -- that scene into the dublin area off that altamont pass. alternate would be highway 5 to 132 back to westbound 580. vallejo ferry experiencing delays, 6:30 and 7:35 ferry, bus shuttles. all other m
, the heat is coming back into the east right now. i'm tracking rain across texas. i'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. >> i noticed it was 93 in orlando today. >> yes. >> you'll be happy to be in new york. >> a little cooler here. >> thanks, brian. >>> at a time when so many people are looking for work, we've found an employer so desperate to fill jobs, he's offering an amazing perk. >> it's not just a paid vacation. the company gives you cash money you can use to go anywhere you want. but as clayton sandell explains, there is a catch. >> reporter: at a time when more companies seem to be dumping workers, bart can't find enough. >> we're competitor for the top talent. >> reporter: to recruit and keep happy programmers turning out lines of code. the flip-flop-wearing founder and ceo of this denver internet start-up is now offering what he calls paid paid vacation. >> $7,500, before taxes. >> reporter: you heard right. every employee gets 7,500 bucks every year for a dream vacation to anywhere. but the guy who may be the best boss ever, has rules. >> one, you act
. there's some severe weather chances here from louisiana to texas and arkansas and mississippi. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and with that severe weather threat will be some intense rains. we'll talk about that coming up and show you pictures there new orleans. they had record flooding yesterday. >> all right, ginger. thank you. >>> we want to go back to david muir in colorado with an amazing survival story. >> reporter: good morning, i'm here with eric hunter. he has an incredible story. you were in the adjacent theater watching "batman" as well. when the gunfire broke out, it came through the walls. >> the first three shots. then another eight or nine. by that time, i'm walking down the stairs, i see blood on the stairs. i turn to the crowd and tell them there's something wrong, we need to get out of here. we need to call the cops. >> reporter: you told me there was gun fire in the movie. you couldn't tell the difference between the movie and the real thing. >> right. the first three shots, we couldn't tell. >> reporter: you opened a door to the theaters. you noticed
speier called on congress to hold a hearing about the wide spread scandal in texas. speier working with military members who are victims of rape in the bay area, 12 training instructors have been investigated for sexual misconduct and 31 victims have been identified so far. >> if this happens in a high school if a prized teacher or coach had sex a student we would be outraged and demand action. and where some recruits are just 18 or 19 we rationalize behavior of the perpetrators and blame victims. >> also today general wells, the officer tapped to be the newest chief of staff ez says the air force is not doing enough to stop abuse. >> there is a judge ruling that an oregon man who stripped naked at airport security not guilty of indecent exposure and he removed clothes in april to protest the security screening process. a judge ruled aks were protected under the constitution and this time around, he kept his clothes on when he went through security on the way to his trial. >> there is pressure pointing on wall mart on what activists say are inhumane conditions. the video was taken
stationed closed today. 15 firefighters are expected to lose their job. >> and tonight a texas graduate student is recovering after he was attacked by chimpanzees in south africa. andrew overly was on tour of a sanctuary when he was attacked leaving him with severe cuts and broken bones. he crossed a small fence and he got too close to the enclosure. >> it's about saving people. he was fiercely struggling not to be pulled into the enclosure. as far as we can tell he was not dragged in all the way. he was partially lodged underneath. >> he was pummeled in what may have been a case of monkeys defending their territory. one witness say he may have been trying to take a rock away from a chimp. >> now to an update. back in may. there has been a surge of calls to poison control centers after children ate colorful packets of laundry detergent. the company has promised to make changes. but have they? >> it's bright, bite-sized and to her son, it might have looked like candy. that is what her mother and a half was eating. >> i thought they got into the candy and they were eating candy. >> minute
the shooting occurred spoke today from texas. >> we haven't had security incidents in this theater. the person made a well organized and have an assault weapon probably overpowering security. it's obviously a did he ranged gunman that had access to very high, powerful weapon autos tim warner added he doesn't know if theater employees were wounded or killed. >> there is coverage continuing and up next, we're learning about some victims of the tragedy and messages being left by loved one autos and comments from the president and mitt romney. >>> welcome back to continuing courage of the colorado theater massacre. after 12:30, police in aurora started to receive calls of a shooting in a theater showing "batman the dark knight rises". that is when a man started firing on the audience, 12 people died and 59 were injured. >> there are seven down. seven down. >> i was just trying to think how to get my kids out of there. >> we're not looking for any other suspects. we're confident that he act add lone. >> the shooter caught and arrested near his car outside of the movie theater, officers found three
, thunderstorms across much of texas, the south and florida. scattered showers from the carolinas, up to the nation's capital. also, a chance of showers around st. louis, des moines and omaha. >> mostly 80s from the western plains to the northeast. 90s in the rockies and from dallas to atlanta. 112 in phoenix. >>> coming up next after the break, the mad scramble after a popular pain reliever is pulled off the shelves. what a bottle of excedrin is getting on the black market. >>> and starbucks. the chain today. >>> and there's no place like home. the all-star slugger who crushed it at the home run derby.ñcús >>> welcome back, everybody. well, gas prices are heading up again. they've increased 6 cents just in the past week. now, the national average is about $3.41 a gallon. however, that is still 23 cents a gallon less than a year ago. >>> and big news from europe overnight. spain's banks are getting a bailout. in the wee hours finance ministers agreed to a package of at least $37 million by the end of the month with more to come. europe's debt crisis has been a drag on other countrie
. appreciate it. >>> all right, now to that texas folk hero or a villain, the woman who was arrested for warning drivers about a speed trap ahead. >> reporter: good morning, police put natalie plummer behind bars because they say that she was a danger to drivers. she wasn't behind the wheel. she was riding her bike. natalie plummer is either a motorist's best friend or a menace to society. she was riding her bike along this road, and noticed that police were pulling over drivers in a e speed trap >> i was completely abiding by the law. i was warning other citizens of a situation ahead. >> reporter: police didn't agree and hauled her off to jail. she was charged with standing in the street obstructing traffic, a misdemeanor and spent 12 hours behind bars. if there's a video of me jumping in the road i would be more than happy to see that. >> reporter: she said that according to texas law the sign is legal. in fact, some states allowed drivers to flash their high beams to warn drivers that police are ahead. plummer's story has gone viral with thousands of americans showing her spot. >>
the carolinas and florida and over to texas. stormy in the southwest, from new mexico to colorado. >> heating up in the west. 90s in the rockies. and triple digits from sacramento to phoenix. 80s from the dakotas to the east coast. 90s around new orleans and dallas. >>> well, coming up after the break, who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? why this is a great week, in fact, to score some giveaways at a restaurant near you. >>> plus, the teenager terrorized by a giant alligator. why sacrificing his arm saved his life. >>> and a rout at the all-star game. lopsided results with some implications for october. >>> welcome back, everybody. there is some good news this morning about the job market. u.s. employers seem to be hiring. they posted 200,000 more jobs in may than the month before. that was the second-highest level, almost four years, in fact. 13 million people still unemployed, there's still 3 1/2 job seekers for every opening. >>> american airlines is now looking at potential mergers. reports say the bankrupt carrier is considering five other airlines, including u.s. airways, which
of a movie. that damaged buildings and uprooted trees. as of tonight no injuries are reported. >>> in texas, days of relentless rain in the houston area turned streets into rivers. swamping more than 100 homes. two feet of rain triggered a once in a century flood. in some neighborhoods, the only way you could get around is by both. flood warnings remain in effect through tomorrow morning. >>> and now, made in america. our report of those team usa uniforms made in china sparked outrage and now a major change in policy. the united states olympic committee said all future uniforms will be made in the usa. but we wondered why not change the uniforms for this year's games. and what about the flags our athletes will carry. are they made in america? >> reporter: you saw team usa's opening ceremony uniforms. >> you look dashing. >> reporter: and watch as we learned those classic american ralph lauren looks weren't exactly all american. >> china, china, china. >> reporter: our report set of widespread outrage. >> i think they should take all of the uniforms put them in a big pile and burn them. >> r
his co-pilot landed the plane safely in lubbock, texas. >> he started to curse at me and started to say you better pray, iraq, and iran. i so say, you know, you know what i'm going to show you what iraq and iran is. and i took him on a chokehold. >> reporter: but captain osbon beat charges of interfering with a flight crew and today court transcripts obtained by abc news reveal the key testimony that freed him. a psychologist testified that all this was caused by a "brief psychotic disorder" caused by "sleep deprivation." there was no trial, the u.s. attorney's office did not dispute the diagnosis and the captain was found not guilty by reason of insanity by the judge and sent to a mental health facility in ft. worth, texas, for more treatment and perhaps some sleep. >> it is possible for sleep deprivation, especially in combination with jet lag to cause psychosis, but usually it's in those people who have a preexisting diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder. >> reporter: the abc news investigative report unit has reported on pilot fatigue. pilots sleeping in crash pads or bedding d
is tracking it all, beginning with abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: dangerous storms in texas today made a deadly strike. at a houston soccer game, spectators taking shelter under this tree were hit by lightning. two people were killed. a third, sent to the hospital. storm clouds are soaking parts of texas, arizona and washington state. flooding roads, leaving homeowners with a soggy mess. >> when we woke up at 1:00, came out here, the water was already up here. we had exactly one hour to get everything up. >> reporter: from too much water to not enough, where it is desperately needed. sunday brought no day of rest for an army of nearly 2,000 firefighters near sacramento, california. the 2,200 acre robbers fire is forcing evacuations, threatening nearly 200 homes. >> this is definitely one of the more remote fires and some of the steepest slopes that i've seen a fire burn in. >> reporter: tonight, there is red flag fire weather in five states and heat advisories across a huge swath, from south dakota to the great lakes. forecasters are warning people to drink plenty of water and watch ou
, this electrifying moment in texas. >> and that is scary. a bright flash and a loud clap of thunder, some players running for cover. take a look at that. and the lightning hit just north of the ballpark. one player dropped to his knees and another, screamed. the game delayed until skies finally cleared. boy that will get your attention. >> get your heart rate up, won't it?. >> let's get another check of our warming forecast. >> there is sandhya patel. >> i want to show you video if we have it. just minutes ago we'd told but a possible funnel cloud or a tornado. there is looking like there was some rotation. but our assignment desk just confirmed that the forecasters there are saying it's just sheets of rain coming in. there are thunderstorms in the area. that is going to continue. from about dc area across atlanta, even out towards desert southwest, thunderstorms remaining in the forecast for tuesday. you notice temperatures are cooler, 89 in atlanta. 09 in st. louis. hot here in the western u.s. and heat warnings in effect for deserts of southern california and areas. you'll notice red in the pa
. >> and tonight a texas graduate student is recovering after he was attacked by chimpanzees in south africa. andrew overly was on tour of a sanctuary when he was attacked leaving him with severe cuts and broken bones. he crossed a small fence and he got too close to the enclosure. >> it's about saving people. he was fiercely struggling not to be pulled into the enclosure. as far as we can tell he was not dragged in all the way. he was partially lodged underneath. >> he was pummeled in what may have been a case of monkeys defending their territory. one witness say he may have been trying to take a rock away from a chimp. >> now to an update. back in may. there has been a surge of calls to poison control centers after children ate colorful packets of laundry detergent. the company has promised to make changes. but have they? >> it's bright bite-sized and to her son it might have looked like candy. that is what her mother and a half was eating. >> i thought they got into the candy and they were eating candy. >> minutes after it bursted in her mouth she had severe vomiting and diarrhea. >> you
. >>> investigators in texas are faced with the grim task of trying to identify the 14 people killed in a truck accident. the men, women and children, carried toothbrushes, toothpaste, changes of socks and underwear but no i.d. the truck crashed in southern texas. federal agents want to know if the victims were smuggled in from mexico. >>> a workman has admitted that he set fires that caused $400 million in damages to a navy submarine in dry dock at a maine ship yard. he told in
. thunderstorms across the south from florida all the way over to texas. pop-up showers from minneapolis, des moines, chicago. thunderstorms from albuquerque to denver and cheyenne. >> heating up out west. 101 in boise. 111 in phoenix. 90s from billings to salt lake city. 80s across the midwest and northeast. >>> in other news this morning, computer users could be dealing with a monday morning meltdown. this is doomsday for a virus that's been lurking for months. more than 50,000 computers in this country and a quarter million around the world could be blocked from the internet. malicious software called dns changer was discovered about eight months ago. the fbi set up a safety net to protect computers. the backup system ran out today. >>> six u.s. service members have been killed by a roadside bomb in eastern afghanistan. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. it happened when an american tank ran over a bomb last night. >>> and afghan president hamid karzai is in tokyo. a group of donors is offering $16 billion in development aid to his country. in return for the aid, afghanista
you, amy. >>> now, to texas, where a middle school principal is accused of using her daughter to plant a camera inside a girl's locker room. you're not going to believe the motive behind the alleged crime. abc's ryan owens has that story for us. >> reporter: a hidden camera planted in the girls' locker room at this texas high school. and set to record during halftime at a basketball game. prosecutors allege, wendy long, a mom, principal and former school board member, did it not to see anyone changing. but to capture how her daughter's new coach talked to the team because her girls campaigned he yelled too much. >> the intent was to invade the other person's privacy. >> reporter: what's more, prosecutors claim she had her 17-year-old daughter sneak the camera into the locker room and hide it. the grand jury did not indict her daughter. and authorities say the camera didn't record anything inappropriate. still, long was arrested and if convicted could face a $25,000 fine or even 20 years in prison. her attorney tells abc news, she is surprised and disappointed by the charges. and mainta
morning america" as well. >>> we're following a developing story from south texas on this monday morning. at least 11 people have died after their truck veered off the highway and slammed into two large trees. another 12 were injured in the accident. it all happened last night in a rural area just about 70 miles outside of corpus christi. the driver was ejected. but apparently survived. border patrol agents were sent to the scene to see if the victims had entered the country. >>> penn state can expect tough penalties for turning a blind eye to child sex abuse allegations. the ncaa will detail the punishment this morning, a day after the university carted away a statue of legendary head coach joe paterno. more from david kerley. >> reporter: behind a blue tarp of shame, the statue of paterno, who built powerhouse penn state, covered in plastic and hauled away as the university deals with the stain of scandal. >> we are letting the haters run the university. >> to a lot of people it symbolizes the wrong things. >> reporter: that's what the new university president said, that leaving the st
fireworks accompanied by the explosion of illegal m-80s and texas sized bottle rockets. the big concern is fire in this densely populated area but oakland has taken two of the crucial engine companies out ofg service tonight as part of a cost saving measure. station three in west oakland and station 23 on foothill boulevard do not have trucks that carry water. earlier today, they rolled on a fireworks related roof fire without water but the back-up plan worked. firefighters are patrolling the city tonight and here is what they heard and saw. >>> sound like a war zone out there, but so far tonight, there have been no other fireworks related fires to report, but there is a lot of illegal gunshots that go off and tonight the oakland police department says it upgraded the high-tech spot shoter and they can detect the difference between fireworks and gunshots. people that negligently discharge guns is a priority but so far no reports of arrests. they say they will release those numbers tomorrow if there are any. what has become an illegal tradition in oakland continues but so far no major ap
>> jimmy: huey lewis and joe cocker! if you are in dallas, texas tomorrow night, you can see them i want to thank charlie sheen, nicole "snooki" polizzi. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time. good night, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. >>> "abc 7 news" has confirmed that san jose police have found a car belonging to a man that killed two people on on north 7th street. >> the car was found abandoned. they believe they shot two people in a domestic violence dispute. >> medina is still on the run. he is believed to be in southern california. his black maxima was towed and now being held in evidence. >> we'll bring you updates as the that story develops.
in texas. see you then. >> ama: a little baby bison is causing a big buzz. we'll look at what makes him so >> alan: coming up at 6:00, the soggy mess in oakland as not one but two water main breaks cause an outage for thousands of customers. >> the talking toilets that could help save your life. join us for abc-7 news at 6:00. i know you're intrigued. lamb -- >> alan: white buffaloes don't come along every day and only count for one in ten million live births and are considered sacred by several american indians tribes. >> an official ceremony will
ball in as many days. oakland now three games before the .500 mark. they're home to take on texas on tuesday. an amazing three week stretch for serena williams. she had the second straight win at the bank of the west. her opponent playing in her first wta final. the experience was key. serena as all of it in command throughout. serving. vandeweghe returns with the left hand. the drop shot, and then ven deway into the net. championship point. serena, another forehand winner. williams with back-to-back bank of the west titles. >> zach johnson needed good canadaie at individual at the first playoff hole today. the problem was his usual caddie was not at his side. he was playing at the u.s. senior open and finished 17th. johnson thought he had this in the bag. troy mat session son was two back when he lined up this 60-footer on 17. use thursday whole cup. moves into the a tie. johnson walking to 18. mat sessionson hits the approach into the water. here's where johnson needed the caddie to say lay up and walk this thing in instead finds the drink. they replay 18 and then johnson 6 iro
. thunderstorms from the texas gulf coast to florida and up to philly. monsoon storms in the rockies. also some showers in northern california and oregon. it will be heating up in the plains. >> 90s across the rockies, plains, and southeast. 80s from the twin cities to new york. and 78 in seattle. >>> and coming up next after the break, the snack food competition that could have you eating caviar. how to win a million bucks. >>> and the post office delivering a new batch of bad news. on the brink of a huge default. >>> and later this morning, on "the pulse." hands off the hoff. the thieves who can't get enough of, believe it or not, david hasselhoff. he's going like hotcakes. \s >>> welcome back, everyone. wall street will try to build on its two-day rally. overseas markets are higher following the u.s. lead. investors are encouraged by solid earnings at key companies, including intel and honeywell. as well as strong housing starts. the s&p 500 is up. at its highest level since early may. weekly jobless claims will be out before the opening bell. >>> and the postal service is drowning in red in
in the rockies. triple digits in texas. >>> coming up next after the break, a bad weekend for one ceo who just lost 150 million bucks. >> that one is going to hurt a little bit. >> whoo! >>> but good news for travelers. air fares on the verge of a dip. we'll tell you when to buy. >> excellent. >>> and fear not all you "modern family" fans out there, the sally dispute is over. the cast is getting a very healthy raise. >>> welcome back, everybody. it's a homecoming of sorts for the stock market today. for the first time in almost three months, the dow jones industrial average opens this morning above 13,000. it gained 188 points on friday because of encouraging news from europe and a government report showing the economy did not slow as much as had been feared. >>> federal investigators are looking into a potential problem with boeing's new 787 dreamliner jet. debris from an engine started a grass fire over the weekend. five of the planes have been grounded. boeing says it still has confidence in its new jet. >>> and watch for airfares to come down soon, at least for a little while. travel websi
wellbutrin for uses besides major depressive disorder. >>> graduate student from texas upgraded to stable condition after he was attacked by chimps in south africa. andrew remains in a medically induced coma after the attack. officials say it happened when he entered a restricted stone between two security fences outside a chimp end throw sure. two males became -- angry and grabbed him by the legs pulling him under the barrier they used the opening to escape, dragging him into a public space and mauling him. when a staff area rifed the chimps chased him back into his vehicle. >> the chimpanzee jumped on to the bottom of the vehicle started slamming started to breakthrough the windshield. >> he fired a shot through the glass, hitting one and causing both to finally retreat. neither chimp will be euthanized but they've been put into isolation. >> frightening situation there. >>> monday, we are starting with a lot of fog. >>> good news out of sfo flight arrival delays are over now, didn't have any in oakland and san jose. the fog is treating quickly back to the coast. looking at sausalito fr
of high pressure in south texas. just close enough that the hot air will come and sit inland . tomorrow and thursday. you want wet weather you have to head down to california. and we'll not get near that. you can see them off in the defense. low to mid-90s. 80s around l-- hercules. midcents in san mateo. and low to mid-60s in the coast and downtown san francisco. heading in the north bay. temperatures in the mid80 to 90 degrees and in and around monterey 65 . low 90s around morganil had. fresnoat 103 and sunny and 81 in tahoe. warmest days in the forecast and temperatures will aper as we head in the weekended go morning. >> good morning, mike. problem in westbound 205. one lane opened until 7:00. chp ask that you avoid the area if at all possible. tracey boulevard to coral hollow and westbound 580 and stockton to say on the highway and on to westbound 580. we'll look at our ways app traffic spotter. traffic is spotted in through the tracey area and on into and over the hill. once again coral hollow here and alternate routes look better for you if you are heading out of the central valle
in the state of texas, where about 20 children attending a houston-area sports day camp got trapped inside of a building. the water level rose to at least waist-high before three boats came along to rescue those stranded kids, their instructors and parents, as well. >>> it is time, now, for the weather across the country. you can expect severe storms over the great lakes and the dakotas. some heavy hammering by hail and gusting wind. weather in most of the nation's eastern half. heavy downpours along the gulf coast. and rain showers in the midwest, heavy at times with possible flooding and mudslides. >> sizzling summer temps in the high 90s around boise and billings. 103 in phoenix. everywhere else, mostly high 80s and low 90s. >> i don't care what the weather is going to be like. it's the weekend. so, thank god for that. >> friday. >>> coming up, one industry where hiring is really flying high. >>> and one of the great flameouts of the internet age. wait until you hear what a once red-hot website has just sold for. >>> and later in "the pulse," "american idol," about to get another face-l
, known for his easy smile, and a live-long love of horses. >> they come from jalisco state. like texas. horse country. >> he died thursday when the horse he was riding. morito, stumbled, and herrera fell off. friends and acquaintances said he died doing what he loved. >> being a jockey is a very dangerous profession. only sport in the whole world where you have the ambulance behind you in every race. >> this weekend, darryl hare with the job we guild raised concerns about the race team, saying paramedics would have been more qualified to take care of head injuries. he told me the emts were there on the scene but the paramedics arrived afterwards and it seemed like a long time. could have been two minutes or ten minutes. the county fair racetrack says they quickly responded to that concern. >> just to ease everybody's concerns, to make the job yes feel more secure, we have added one extra paramedic. >> the races continued on this busy sunday. >> it's post time. in memory of jockey here ray herrera. >> and the fourth race was dedicated in his honor. >> earlier today i talked with the own
swing of the bat. game tied. a's regain the lead with an inge base hit but texas scores five runs in the fifth. capped off by this three run bomb from josh hamilton. 25-inch of the year. 6-2 rangers in the sixth. police highlights at 11:00. >> there's no better way for tennis fanso spend a day than the first sat day at wimbledon. some great matches today. ladies first, the all-england cla club. look at the hair on serena. lost the first set. wasn't moving that well. return hits the net but came back in the second. one of her 23 aces. third set, tiebreaker, tied at 7. the return is way it wide. see recent -- serena advances to the fourth round with a three-set victory. >> last american mail to win a major, andy roddick in 2003, facing the seventh seed. roddick takes the first set and it was downhill from there. davis moving on the round of 16 and will fails del potro. >> andy murray looking to be the first britt to win at wimbledon since 1936. on match 'point, that's wrong. murray wins it in four sets. >> 99th tour de france start with the individual time time switzerland's fabian
amazing grace at the funeral for jessica ghawi, in her home town of san antonio texas. she was the first victim who was identified of the shooting massacre during a showing of "the dark knight rises". the 24-year-old had survived a shoot shooting at a medical in tort before she moved to take a job in colorado. >> want to leave you with two things. if this coward can do that's much with this much hate. imagine what we can do with this much love, and the other thing is, if you're putting your dreams on hold you stop that right now. you chase those dreams. you don't know how long you have here. >> hundreds packed the churches to remember matt mcquip. he died shield his girlfriend from the gunfire inside the teeter. she escaped with a wounded knee. >> lay down his life for a friend. >> american flags flew outside a funeral home near chicago. inside many fellow veterans and others saluted john larimer. witnesses said larimer died protecting his girlfriend. >>> investigators continue to gather information tonight about the man accused in the killings, james holmes. we now the that holmes was p
says the organization supports jackson 100%. >>> a texas graduate student out of critical condition at a south africa hospital after being maul by chimps he was studying. he was between two fences in an area known as a no-go one chimp reached under an electric fence and grabbed his feet they dragged him and tore into him. experts say the chimps were protecting their territory. after signatures hours of surgery the 26-year-old is in an induced coma with a broken arm and torn ligaments, he has lost fingers and toes. >> he's sedated seriously ill, as we know. he is stable. >> his family says they have no doubt that he will continue to do whatever work with chimps he's able to do, because that has always been his passion. >> they are so powerful, people underestimate how much damage -- >>> [ inaudible ] >>> new help thousands of californians struggling to keep their homes may be getting. >>> more than two legal parents? why local lawmakers fighting back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforc
graduated from university of texas and had just started a job in denver primarily covering hockey. now, aif you would like to honor victims we've posted a badge in honor of the first victim identified. and also, use that name and we'll share more memories as information becomes available. >> and because of the shooting in colorado security at some of the movie theaters has been increased including here in the bay area. there are police increased their patrols around local movie houses and want to assure movie goers it's safe to attend any screening. and that is suspected to draw tens of thousands of fans this weekend. and there is a movie chain says it banned fans from wearing costumes or carrying weapons into a showings of the new movie. and he wore a vest and gas mask. police chief believes this let him blend in. >> because he was in a movie theater. there are people allowed to wear costumes because i guess costumes and enemies and so there is not something unusual for him to be dressed the way he was dressed. >> the dark knight rises is playing on screen as cross the country. so far amc
to take on texas on tuesday. >> it's been an appeasing stretch for serena william. she won at the bank of the west today. her opponent, ceo vandeweghe. the gap in experience was evident. serena serbing, vandeweghe returns with the left hand. switches bag righty, and misses it. serena, another winner. williams is back-to-back bank of the west titles. >> zach johnson needed good caddie advice on the first playoff hole on the john deere classic. the problem was his usual caddie was not at his side. he was playing at the u.s. senior open. johnson thought he had the thing in the bag. troy matteson was two back and he uses the whole cup. moves to 20-under, into a first-place tie. johnson walking up 18, stunned. first playoff hole, matteson into the water. here'sy johnson needed his caddie. finds the drink. a pair of double bogeys. they replay 18 and johnson finds the fairway bunker again. this time ropes the best 6 iron approach. a tap-in bird for his second tour win this year. u.s. senior open, final round in michigan. roger chapman, an unlikely winner of this jeer's senior championship. ca
campaigns today in ohio. >>> and president obama was in republican-leaning texas yesterday. what's being seen at fewer and fewer of his campaign events is a teleprompter, which critics have said the president has relied on a bit too much in the past. instead, president obama has been using notes in a binder. his campaign believes that helps the president better connect with voters. >>> we turn now to breaking news from overseas. a terror strike on nato supply vehicles. 22 trucks were destroyed this morning by a magnetic bomb in northern afghanistan. the trucks were parked. the driver has gotten out to rest. the explosion was especially intense as some of the trucks were tankers carrying fuel to nato troops. we'll track this story throughout the rest of the morning. >>> also, happy birthday to nelson mandela. bill clinton marked the occasion meeting with him for over 90 minutes. his wife says he's doing remarkably well after health problems last year. happy birthday. >>> weather from across the country. more stifling heat from the plains to the east coast. damaging winds from cleveland to
. and you have to tip your and go out and we will try to split the series tomorrow. >> a's in texas to face the rangers. already lost two straight inable ton. tommy malone on the mound. six strikeouts in five innings. second inning chris carter called down to the minors friday where he hit a home run. does the same yesterday. this one a solo shot. he just clears the wall. second of the year. 1-0, oakland. beltran ties it up with one swing of the bat. carter, his 14th of the year. 1-1 ballgame. and ian kinsler in the fifth. a bloop single. two star. 3-2, rangers. two batters later, josh hamilton, see ya. three-run shot. his 25th of the year. a five-run fifth. rangers win it 7-2. texas the first team to reach 50 wins this season. and the at&t in maryland. an overnight storm reeked havoc on the course. play was delayed for six hours to clean it up. players could play but fans were not allowed on to the grounds a few club members followed tournament host tiger woods who makes a great chip for a birdie on 6. then on 10, birdie putt. he fires 67. tiger is one back at 6-under. and brendon, three b
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